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Background Summary of Edward Dukich

I have over 30 years in aviation evenly split between Manufacturing, Overhaul, and In-service aircraft.  I started my aviation career as an aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force as a KC-135 Tanker Crew Chief / Phase Dock Inspector 1974. I had expanded from normal QC Inspection operations into Nondestructive Testing while at Grumman Aerospace 1985. 


While at Grumman I received my first formal NDT training in MT, PT & ET.  As a Major Assembly - Final Inspector, I was directly involved with the building of the replacement Space Shuttle wings, which became the Atlantis.  I was also a part of the X-29 experimental forward swept wing aircraft project, the Israeli LAVI all composite jet fighter aircraft, as well as the F-14, A-6, EA-6, C-2, and E-2 programs.


I am a certificated FAA Airframe & Powerplant mechanic (1980) and have been performing NDT Inspections since 1985.  I became a certified ASNT Level III in the Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection methods and was designated the facility NDT Level III examiner in 1990 while with the Allied Signal/Garrett Aviation Long Island facility.  Garrett was my move away from the military/defense type aircraft to the overhaul of civilian corporate jet and turboprop type aircraft.  My primary function at Garrett was Detailed Parts Visual, Mechanical, & NDT Inspection of TFE-731 turbo fan, TPE-331 turboprop, and APU’s (Auxiliary power units).  However, I assisted engine shop and hangar operations as required.


I went to heavy jets at Lockheed Commercial aircraft in 1992 where I performed C & D heavy check inspections and Section 41 upgrades on 747 PAX & cargo aircraft.  It was at Lockheed where I added an ASNT Level III in the Eddy Current NDT method.  From there I went to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for 3 years where I taught NDT (MT & PT) to a multi-national core of people for the Saudi Aramco Oil Co.


Upon returning from Saudi Arabia, I joined Tower Air at JFK airport as a QC Inspector/NDT Level III performing A & B checks, and all required NDT, on 747-100 & -200 PAX & Cargo aircraft for approximately 1 year.  A resurgence in the aircraft industry and the local need for NDT expertise allowed me to start up Level III Resources in October of 1996.  I added the ASNT Ultrasonic Level III in 1999.


Level III Resources has been providing NDT and Supplier Level III services since October, 1996.  Services include performing NDT Inspections, Consulting, Training, Certification Testing, and Auditing for aviation companies involved in manufacturing, overhaul, and in-service operations.  I also service 3 companies in the civilian sector using AWS & ASME specifications.  I am presently an ASNT & NAS-410 NDT Level III - (MT, PT, ET, & UT) and approved by Boeing (MT, PT, UT, ET & Nital Etch).

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